Sharp Grossmont Hospital
Replaced two 4” main backflows, three additional 4” gate valves, two strainers with blow-down valves, added supports to all existing piping. The entire job was pre-fabbed on site. The swap out was done during normal hours in the middle of the week. DLT & Facilities ran a “jumper line” with a booster pump, to keep the building running. As a result, the entire East Tower (which includes the OR, PACU, Patient Rooms, the Kitchen and several other critical departments) was able to operate normally during the project. All demo and installation was performed by 5 men in about 6 hours.
Sharp Memorial Metropolitan Campus
Installed a custom steam condensate testing station. One of a kind design and installation. Facilities asked for DLT to help design a manifold to cool down their steam condensate, so that they can easily take their samples. The boiler techs test the condensate coming back from each of three Boilers, DA Tank, and both main condensate return loops. All steam condensate was brought to one central location with ¼” 316 stainless steel tubing and stainless steel hamlet fittings. The piping ran through the “cool cans” that were all connected to the chill water supply and return loop. All condensate lines are cooled from around 200 degrees Fahrenheit to around 60 degrees in a few seconds. Prior to this, Facilities used industrial water to cool the condensate. All of the industrial water had to be dumped down the drain after it was used. The Zero Waste Sample Cooler is saving them thousands of gallons of water per year, and also gets them what they need quicker and in a more orderly fashion.
Sharp Grossmont Hospital
Replaced pressure reducing valve manifolds for the medium and low pressure steam systems in MER 8. Each manifold had a pilot operated Spirax Sarco steam regulator, a strainer with a blow down valve, isolation valves on each end, and all connecting materials. The complete condensate return system was rebuilt below the steam manifold. The entire manifold was rebuilt to make it as efficient as possible, working within the existing spatial restrictions.
Sharp Memorial Metropolitan Campus
Rerouted existing storm water drainage lines from the roof of the Knollwood Building. Routed the piping into existing and new sump pump pits. Installed a new 4” horizontal trunk line to carry all water out to the front of the building, where it was ejected to the desired location. The piping was painted to protect it from UV rays, as well as make it more aesthetically pleasing to those around it. Prior to this work, the building was prone to flooding during heavy rains. Since this work has been done, there have been no more issues with water pooling up in the area.
UCSD Hillcrest Hospital
Replaced two existing control air compressors in room L-112. Demo’d existing outdated compressors, moved new ones into place, anchored, and connected all piping to existing utilities. We coordinated with the Facility Engineers in order to keep the service uninterrupted while we were performing the work.
UCSD Hillcrest Hospital
Replaced two existing medical air compressors and a desiccant dryer, with all controls that were mounted on skids. All demo, moving, installation, piping, and anchoring was done by DLT. Majority of the work was done after normal hours to avoid impact to the hospital. Worked with Facilities and Certified Medical Testing, so that the hospital and patients were not affected. The system was back-fed with medical air tanks the entire time.
Scripps Shiley with BSD

Tenant Improvement relocation of the Dermatology facility from Scripps Green Hospital to Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine.
a) Wall hung lavatory with shroud and sensor faucet. Traditional ADA floor mount toilet with a flush valve.
b) Custom stainless steel Just countertop with integral sink. It has a gooseneck faucet operated by a foot pedal.
c) Stainless steel under mount sink with a Chicago gooseneck sensor faucet.

We have worked at these facilities as subs and/or directly:

  • Alvarado Hospital
  • Omni Hotel
  • Paradise Valley Hospital
  • Promise Hospital
  • Rady’s Children’s Hospital
  • Scripps Coastal – Multiple Locations
  • Scripps Encinitas Hospital
  • Scripps Green Torrey Pines
  • Scripps Memorial La Jolla
  • Scripps Mercy in Hillcrest
  • Sharp Chula Vista
  • Sharp Coronado
  • Sharp Grossmont
  • Sharp Memorial
  • Sharp Mesa Visa
  • Sharp Reese Stealy
  • UCSD Campus
  • UCSD Hillcrest
  • UCSD Thornton

We also provide services to several commercial and industrial properties. DL Taylor Plumbing works with general contractors, property managers, and directly with the owners, to perform various tenant improvements, small and large projects and ground up construction.

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